Welcome to Southlake Summer Camp at Spicar's Martial Arts.

Since 2008 we have been teaching children focus, discipline, listening skills and self-defense in a fun and positive way with amazing results.

And our summer camps continue this tradition.

Your child is going to love our summer program!

Hello, my name is Adam Spicar and together with my wife and other instructors we run Southlake Summer Camp. 

Our instructors are hand-picked. We look for several key traits like passion for teaching, interaction with children, great personality and expertise. We care about your child, their experience, progress, and safety.

Mrs. Spicar, Mr. Berndt, Miss Beeck, Miss Moore, Mr. Koh and others are the most amazing Summer Camp instructors your child (and you) can ask for.

They are all martial arts black belts and instructors with many years of experience in child interaction. They are trained to help any child to have fun and huge success in during the camp. 

We work with children that struggle with confidence, children diagnosed with ADHD and ADD, children who are having hard time finding new friends, children who are addicted to video games and children who are are bullied.

We will provide your child with constant challenges so they never get bored. Fun and games let their playful sides emerge.

Camp structure gives them the foundation to grow and learn about: respect, discipline, camaraderie, teamwork, confidence and much more.