We Think It's Great, Read On...

My girls love the Southlake Summer Camps! Friday was bring a friend to camp and my daughter’s friend said the Spicar’s Camp was “WAY better than the other camps I’ve been going to.” Amazing owners and awesome instructors all who truly enjoy what they do with the kids. You won’t be disappointed!
— M. Lovato
Ethan loves Spicar’s Summer Camp. Over the years he has been to many different camps. Most he gets board with in 1 day. He has been at Spicar’s for 4 weeks and is excited every day to go to camp (wants to be the first kid there). Great camp, great instructors and great atmosphere!
— M. Thomason
Our 7 yr old son loved Spicar’s spring break camp so much that he has been practicing at home on his own every day. He is quite proud of how much he was able to learn in one week and has even scheduled a time with his first grade teacher to show his class. We will definitely be back for more!
— J. Basser
Dear Mr. Spicar and Mrs. Spicar, 
what a sincere pleasure it has been getting to know the two of you over the past few years. You have given 110% of yourselves to this school and to my child. You come in to class everyday with giant smiles, positive attitudes, killer work ethics and a great zest for life. You have taught Wynn many wonderful lessons - one of the best is working very hard can be really fun.
— L. Teeney
My daughter has ADHD and since enrolling her at Spicar’s, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a difference in her focus and discipline. The Spicars are so great with the kids - firm, yet fun.
— E. Vaughn
My son Nathan loves Adam & Lucie Spicar. The Spicars make it as much about fun as it is about hard work. I highly recommend the program.
— R. Boe
Spicar’s is amazing! My kids beg me each week to go to camp. They keep them happy, engaged, learning and disciplined. Adam & Lucie and the entire staff is amazing. I can’t say enough. They genuinely care about each family and child. Thanks for all you do!
— R. Buzis Wood
We’ve found the greatest martial arts school ever. Alfred’s loving it and has been inviting friends to join him. They are teaching him to say “Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am” - and that he must help around the house to earn the right to study martial arts.
— E. Hale
Thanks for all you both have done for me and for pushing me to do my best. I don’t know if I would have got this far without you.
— C. Clark
If you want the best training for yourself and/or your children, choose Spicar’s Martial Arts. The experience goes way beyond martial arts. My son requested this as his birthday gift, so he joined on a summer promotion. My daughter would attend with me and watch him train, within a few weeks she was out there with him! I later joined as well and love sharing the experience with them. I can’t think of a better activity for our family to be in!
— M. Lemke
We had tried several other studios before Spicars. Our son would go once or twice and then would not want to go back. We decided to give it one more try with Spicars. He absolutely loves Spicar’s Martial Arts Studio. He goes twice a week and asked us last week if he could go to more classes. We have noticed that his self-confidence has improved and that his attitude has become much better. He loves going to Spicars and looks forward to it.
— A. Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Spicar are not only great martial artists, but great instructors too! They are highly motivational instructors who put everything they have into their school and their students and guest. It is a great school.
— J. Jones
My son had a blast at Southlake Summer Camp! The instructors were kind, caring and engaging. When the week was over my son was already asking to go back. 😄
— E. Rosenberg Spieth
Both of my kids, 7 and 10 years old have been going to Spicar’s for around one year and they love it. The Spicars are great with kids, very patient, their enthusiasm and discipline rubs off on their students.The SPICAR’S definitely are the best, and WE LOVE THEM!
— A. Zapata
I used to be scared of people and would always run away and never stand my ground. Thanks to the Spicars I can actually stand up for myself and not be scared anymore. They are always there for any questions you may have.
— H. Peak
My 2 boys have been with the Spicars for 4 years. They have grown in self discipline, respectful behavior and self respect and can smash boards in all kinds of ways. This is not only a great complement to all sports but the focus on developing their character is present everytime they are there. Amazing place.
— L. Preston
The Spicars’ are amazing with the kids; they manage to balance hard work and respect with fun by hosting several parties and ‘fun nights’ throughout the year. They are also very good at updating families on any news or changes with the events, etc... The kids/familes enjoy the feeling of community among the other TKD families who attend 2-3 times a week. The Spicars are respected by the parents and the kids. Everyone knows they work hard for the families who attend and really care about the kids.
— A. Myers